Scott Silverberg (tenor)

Tenor Saxophonist Scott “Maxie”Silverberg, the founder and leader of West Side Jazz Club is a 4th generation New Yorker from the Bronx. Born in 1956, the son of Pearl and Seymour Silverberg, two avid Swing fans, the sounds and feeling for Jazz entered him at an early age. In 1980 he brought his sax to San Francisco and has blown changes around town ever since. In 2003 he formed West Side Jazz Club as a community organization in order to provide a venue for jazz musicians to play strictly for pleasure and to network. Scores of musicians have passed through the “Club” with many of the relationships formed there lasting for years. Scott’s unique style resembles nobody so much as himself, with due influence from Archie Shepp, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz ( also from the Bronx) and Wayne Shorter.

Jay Stapleton (guitar)

Katrine Spang-Hanssen (drums)

A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, Katrine brings a European influence to the West Side Jazz Club. Her first instruments were the piano and the clarinet, but she was always tapping on everything, and taking up the drums just felt like coming home. A firm believer that variety is the spice of life, Katrine has performed with a wide array of bands; full-on rock bands, jazz trios, country bands and wedding cover bands. A few of the many bands include Kitty Rose, Nena Cameron Ensemble, Black Olive Jazz, Kuntry K’s and Project Pimento.

Rob Yung (bass)

Rob has been playing bass for 18 years, forging a solid foundation in rock and and blues on the electric bass. In 1999 he followed his true passion and switched to upright bass in search of a richer, more beautiful tone. Insprired by Ray Brown, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Scott LaFaro, and Jaco Pastorious, Rob then began an in-depth study of jazz theory, harmony and improvisation. He has studied with John Clark and Mandy Flowers, who have instilled in him a sense of solid timing, precise intonation and a clear expression of harmony and dynamics. Rob likes to play a supportive role with a clear groove, and brings clear, confident timing as a pulse for others to play on. Most recently he has begun a study of the harmony and melodies of Charlie Parker.

Matt Glaser (drums)

When Matt was 13, he thought that taking up the drums might be a good way to impress the ladies. After a few years of playing in garage bands and practicing along with Steely Dan records, it turned out that the only female that was impressed by it was his mother. Undeterred, he left his garage band and tried to learn how to play Jazz. After endless trips to the jam sessions at Pearl’s (where he was schooled by the likes of local legends Colin Bailey, Vince Lateano and Bruce Foreman), Matt moved to Los Angeles where he studied jazz at the University of Southern California, taking lessons from Ndugu Chancler and having the opportunity to play with Clay Jenkins, John Clayton, Steve Allen and many other world-class talents. Since moving back to San Francisco, Matt has played in all kinds of bands, from 80s New Wave to live Hip-Hop, but he never strays too far from Bebop. His mother is still impressed.

- A Collective